Friday, September 25, 2009

School Camp

Tuesday 15th September 2009
We were a different member of staff short today, again we were fairly quiet apart from a mad hour at lunchtime and although it meant that Carolyn had to work when we thought that she was going to have the day off, it did mean we saved on wages and we do like to look on the bright side in difficult situations.
Marisa went off on school camp this morning, a treat for leaving year 6, the end of primary School. She was so excited and really looking forward to it, especially the bits that are going to involve “Pranks”, the school in their wisdom has told the kids that pranks are something to be encouraged on this trip (as long as they are cleared with a member of staff first), they must need their heads tested.
After Carolyn finished work today she went to our Veg suppliers to pick up some bunny Veg, stuff that they were going to throw away, that sort of thing, only to find that someone from a farm has been coming to collect it before she normally gets there.
That would explain why she doesn’t seem to be able to get much lately, so from now on she is going to get there before 2pm, if she remembers.
Kristian had his mate round after school today, Tuesdays after school are the highlights of Kristians week, they are the time when he can chat and play with the same kid that he has been chatting and playing with at school and on the computer all week.
Fraser and Kristian went to Scouts this evening, they were cooking on the camp fire tonight, they now know how to core an apple, stuff it full of marshmallows and chocolate, wrap it in foil and throw it on the fire until cooked.
Apparently the end result is worth all the effort, but they didn’t bring any home for us to try so we’ll have to take their word for it.

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