Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Tuesday 8th September 2009
It was bloody freezing this morning, at just after 7am when Ian was driving down the highway, there was a frost on the grass by the side of the road, nobody told us there would be frost, they said it would be hot and there would be droughts, they warned us that we would need sun block, they totally forgot to mention that we might also need hot water bottles and thermal underwear otherwise we wouldn’t have left it back in the UK.
Presumably because of the cold it was a very quiet start to the day today in the cafĂ©, but as the weather warmed up, it didn’t get any better.
There were plenty of people about and we can’t remember doing anything to upset the masses, so we can only assume that it was one of those days when people weren’t in the mood for coffee.
Kristian went to Scouts with Fraser and Marisa this evening and Kristian has already been told that he can go to their meeting next week, they are going to be doing a bit of campfire cooking apparently.
We’ll have to make sure we’re late picking them up from that one, just to make sure there is none left by the time we get there.


Ganeida said...

We get frost. Not often & not for long but we do get them.

Vic said...

Don't tell me you're trying to avoid the scouts' campire leftovers? I mean, someone's gotta eat them.