Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fathers day 2009

Sunday 6th September 2009
Today is Fathers day over here in Oz, to celebrate Ian got an extra hour sleep before getting up to receive his cards and kisses from the kids.
The weather has been pretty rubbish today, overcast and windy with the odd downpour and the wind is so cold at the moment.
The market was fairly quiet this morning, probably something to do with it being Fathers day and all the dads being treated to breakfast, apart from Ian.
The only thing we needed was mandarins for the kids packed lunches and as the mandarin man wasn’t there we walked away empty handed.
We then drove to Bunbury, where after wandering round the Farmers Market and a couple of other shops we had lunch at Dome on the waterfront. (see he did get fed)
The place was heaving and the manager was a pain in the backside, shouting out table numbers to deliver food to rather than look for them, but the food wasn’t bad although the coffee is still crap.
From there we did a little bit more window shopping before driving home and settling down for a family film, this time it was Airport 1977, it is just a little bit naffer (if there is such a word) than Airport which we watched a couple of weeks ago, but the kids enjoyed it.


Jennifer said...

Tee hee hee - it's warm and sunny here! *grin*

Oh - and s*d Father's Day - Happy Birthday to you! :)

The HoJo's said...

thanks hun :oD looking forward to a long summer and a hot christmas xc