Sunday, August 16, 2009


Wednesday 5th August 2009
Carolyn spent the morning getting Marisas rip-stick repaired and foraging in assorted bins for bunny food, mummy bunny is eating like a horse at the moment.
Kristian should have had a dentist appointment this morning but the dentist called in sick, probably sick of looking in kids mouths wondering how many of them have swine flu.
Ian interviewed a girl for the vacancy at the Café today, she has just moved down here from Perth with her family and used to work in a fish shop / take away, we checked out her references and she is starting tomorrow.
This evening after the kids had gone to bed, we watched the film SWAT starring Samuel L Jackson and a couple of other stars whose names we can’t remember.
It has been so long since we watched this one that we couldn’t remember most of it which was good, or maybe we were just drunk last time, which isn’t so good, we enjoyed it anyway.

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