Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Shopping for Rottnest

Tuesday 21st July 2009
A lot of the kids in town have gone back to school now, ours don’t go back until Thursday, we haven’t got a clue why they are so much later than the rest.
Carolyn brought the kids into the Café when she came in to work, in the afternoon when she had finished work she went out shopping with the big two to pick up some bits and pieces for their Scout Camp on Rottnest Island just across the water from Perth.
Fraser and Marisa both went to Scouts this evening, Carolyn went to a parent meeting while the Scouts were at their meeting.

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Ganeida said...

Duh! You're a private school! ☺ How else can your kids prove their superiority except by lording it over the plebs with longer holidays?! lol One of the quirks of our school system. Private schools seem to think they don't need as many days as regular schools to teach the required amount of stuff. They could be onto something there. You should hear Ditz on this one because we are now registered with a private school D.E program. *sigh* Different story if I suggest she have a break from singing!!!