Sunday, August 9, 2009

Boyanup Farmers Market

Sunday 26th July 2009
We woke up fairly early this morning with the intention of going out for breakfast, but while we were toying with the idea of actually getting out of bed and facing the cold we got a phone call from one of the parents on the Scout committee, apparently on Tuesday night at the meeting she had volunteered our services when it came to providing sliced onions for the sausage sizzle today.
The problem was, she had not been in the best frame of mind on Tuesday night and she forgot to let Ian know that he needed to order some onions in and get the Saturday staff to slice them.
So it was a mad rush through the shower, down to the supermarket, buy the onions, rush home with them, peel and slice them and get them to Bunnings as soon as possible so that they had them ready for the sausage sizzle.
Well it took us about forty minutes in all which wasn’t bad considering we were still in bed when we got the call and we had to get three of us ready to go out.
Unfortunately Bunnings is in the opposite direction to where we were going to go for breakfast, as we were intending to go to Boyanup Farmers market afterwards we just carried on heading in that direction instead and stopped at a service station which was right near the Boyanup turn off and had breakfast there, we might give it a miss next time.
From the service station we drove to Boyanup and the Farmers Market, we bought some Cheese, Lamb, Fruit and some Gluten Free Chocolate Cake and Quiche which we will use in the Café to see if it goes down well, if it does we have the makers details so we will be able to get some more.
We came close to buying some chickens which were sitting in crates at the entrance which would have been a pleasant surprise for Marisa when she got back from camp, but decided not too.
We also looked at some puppies that were lying in a heap in someone’s front garden, with a sign next to them which read “Free Puppies”, there were ten of them and they looked adorable, but the owners didn’t seem to have a clue as to what mix of breed they might be so we didn’t even entertain the idea.
We found some great furniture in a shop there with a couple of sets of shelves that might look good in our house, but we didn’t have the house measurements on us so didn’t know if they would fit the spaces.
From Boyanup we drove to Balingup where we had a look round the old Cheese factory, we like to look round there as there is so much interesting furniture there, from brand new to several hundred years old, it is quite fascinating.
Saying that, the stock hadn’t changed much since we last went there, so there wasn’t much new stuff there for us to look at.
From there we drove into town and had a look round the town shops before stopping for coffee in a café that specialises in Gluten Free, we had coffee, Kristian had fresh juice and we helped Kristian eat what is probably the tastiest Muffin we have ever tasted, a Gluten Free Chocolate Orange Muffin, it was to die for.
On the way home from Balingup we stopped just outside Donnybrook to get some fruit for juicing at home, it was a great big warehouse with an honesty box, so we bought a couple of boxes of apples and pears for $5 a piece which was an absolute bargain.
When Fraser and Marisa got dropped off tonight they were tired and smelly, pretty much the same as they do every time they come back from camp really, they had a quick bite to eat, a wash and straight to bed.

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