Monday, June 29, 2009

More Badges

Tuesday 23rd June 2009
Today was a really bad day at the Café, it looked to be starting well with loads of coffee sales early on, but then never developed from that, bit of an anticlimax really.
Kristians best mate came round after school and they had a good time.
Fraser and Marisa went to Scouts and Marisa came home with some more badges, all ones that Fraser has already got, she just throws them on the side with the others she hasn’t sewn on yet, and shows absolutely no interest in sewing them on in the future, we can see a battle of wills between her and her mum over whose job it is to sew them on, developing soon.


Vic said...

As far as I can remember from my childhood, it's always the mother that does the sewing on of badges.
Exactly why the boy will never be joining cubs scouts or any other badge wearing group!

The HoJo's said...

you're not helping you know!


Ganeida said...

My mummy sewed mine on for me. *Whinge* *Whine*. *Nag*