Saturday, June 27, 2009

Feeling Good

Sunday 21st June 2009
We woke up at a reasonable time this morning feeling good, no headaches or feeling groggy which was a bonus after the amount we drank last night, there is obviously something to be said about being able to go out and truly relax for an evening.
We went to Bunnings this morning, two reasons, firstly we needed some light bulbs for the Café, and secondly the Scouts were doing a sausage sizzle so we thought we had better support them.
We then went down to the foreshore for the obligatory coffee and read of the papers, it was a bit cold down there with the wind coming straight off the south pole and too uncomfortable to sit in it, so we went home.
Once home we went for a beach walk with a view to finding a beached boat that broke its mooring a couple of weeks ago, we found it, it was quite a way above the water line, sitting on top of a pile of rocks, it’s going to be an expensive job getting it off there.
The funny thing about it is that the whole thing is still intact, not that there is a great deal of equipment on board apart from a rather new looking outboard motor, if this had happened in the UK the boat would have been stripped within 24 hours, the last person there would have found an empty shell which would have made it light enough to get it into the water easily so that it could be towed away and the owner would claim off the insurance.
In this land built on the criminal fraternity, everyone is too honest, the boat remains untouched sitting on its lofty perch with no sign of anyone having it away and the poor owner, instead of making a claim, has now got to foot the bill for lifting it off the rocks, bet he checks his mooring next time.
Just along from the boat is a beach shack/café, the wind had died down a bit, so we went in there and had a coffee while the kids had an ice cream, it was very nice sitting out on the verandah overlooking the water.
This afternoon we all sat down and watched African Queen with Humphrey Bogart and a famous female whose name we can’t remember, it was good family viewing with a happy ending, unless of course you’re a German, in which case it wasn’t so good.
After the kids had gone to bed we watched The Net with Sandra Bullock, it’s ages since we have seen one of her films and this is one of her best.


Ganeida said...

Katherine Hepburn ~ but you were joking, right?

Hm, don't like cold beaches but mum's were lovely. So nice & toasty in the middle of this miserable wet, cold winter.

The HoJo's said...

Right :o) at least I was, Ian didn't have a clue .....