Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weather Warnings

Wednesday 20th may 2009
It was a quiet day in the Café today, we are getting loads of storm warnings at the moment so we thought that the centre might have been busy with people stocking up on essentials.
Carolyn left work early so that she could make sure the garden was clear of anything that might either get damaged or cause damage, with the help of Fraser and Marisa she also managed to get most of the gutters cleaned out before the rain.
When the rain did come the water just couldn’t run away quick enough and the floor of the rabbits cage was soon under water, Carolyn and the kids had to brave the elephants to get some logs from behind the shed for the rabbit hutch to sit on.
As Ian was closing the café, trying to get out before the rain hit, Carolyn rang him to tell him how bad the weather was at home and how they had rescued the rabbits etc, in fact she kept him talking on the phone just long enough for him to be late enough leaving work to be caught by the downpour and got well and truly soaked trying to get to his car.
Did he complain, of course he didn’t, Ian recognises his role in this life and appreciates that listening to his wife talk about the weather and rescued rabbits is well worth another bout of Quadruple Pneumonia.
What he did moan about was the useless morons on the road who haven’t got a clue how to drive in heavy rain, in the 5km trip along the Bussell Highway he nearly lost the front of his car three times because the idiot in the other lane decided that the rain wasn’t as bad in the lane Ian was in.
Ian said it reminded him a bit of the times when it used to snow in the UK, every idiot that ever there was would try to drive the same way as they would on a nice summers day and then wonder why they had hit a lamp post, the difference here is that it rains solidly for six months of the year as opposed to a bit of snow once every ten years in the UK.
The forecast for tonight/tomorrow morning is for cyclone strength winds, hopefully we won’t suffer too much damage.
Australia has loads of weather warnings that get issued during times of inclement weather, tonight we have had a Wind Weather Warning, Rain Weather Warning, Fire Weather Warning, Sheep Weather Warning and a Road Weather Warning.
After the kids went to bed we watched the Jim Carey film, Yes Man, laugh like a drain, what a funny film and if you watch it make sure you watch the credits because there is a bit where they show Carl and Alice in Skate Suits going down hill, now would we love to do that?
Watch it, it’s great.
P.S. We apologise to all of you who find us by Googling for Quadruple Pneumonia, we are no help whatsoever.


Vic said...

A sheep weather warning?
Yeah, I probably shouldn't ask.

The HoJo's said...

And yet strangely enough we kid you not, smirk.


allegedly certain types of weather spook sheep, hence the warning. We just imagine all the sheep in the paddocks listening to the news with their earplugs in, whilst running fast!