Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gratuitous Violence

Wednesday 22nd April 2009
Carolyn picked up Marisas loverboy this morning and brought him back to our house, so that the kids had someone to play with. As luck would have it another one of their friends came round as well and between them they made a mess but had a good time doing it.
Carolyn tried to teach Fraser how to Multiply and Divide Fractions, he is having trouble remembering how to work them out and we are trying to find a fool proof way of drumming it into his head, when he knows a formula for getting the answer he flies through them, it’s just that he keeps forgetting the formula.
In the afternoon Carolyn came to the Café to help out while the kids plus loverboy went to Yoganup Park to play.
Winter is almost upon us and Ian has started making Soup for the Café again, so tonight we had Homemade Pumpkin Soup for Tea and it was lovely.
In the evening after the kids went to bed, we watched the film Transporter, it’s ok, a bit over the top gratuitous violence and all that, but ok if you could imagine him beating crap out of someone you don’t like.
That bit wasn’t ok for us, because we like everyone.


Vic said...

You better watch out or this is gonna start getting serious!

The HoJo's said...

smirk :o)