Thursday, April 30, 2009

Foxtel has Arrived

Friday 24th April 2009
Marisas loverboy arrived at the house this morning, he just turned up unannounced and stayed for a while to play with the kids.
At lunchtime he went home while Carolyn and the kids went to the Café for lunch, Carolyn had told him when they left that they would be out until 3pm, so when they got back at just before 3pm guess who was waiting?
This evening, loverboy went to freaky Friday with Marisa and the boys, Carolyn give him a lift home afterwards.
This afternoon, the Foxtel man returned with the right parts and we now have Satellite TV, Ian is really looking forward to watching the Football this weekend and the kids have already worked out where the kids channels are.
In the evening we watched the film The Sentinel with Michael Douglas and Kim Basinger, it is just a run of the mill secret service protect the president film really, but something that is easy to relax with, but still not suitable for kids.

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Ganeida said...

The soccer is the only thing that attracts me to Foxtel ~ & maybe the History channel...