Monday, February 2, 2009

What is busy?

Tuesday 13th January 2009
It wasn’t hot today but the cold front does appear to be moving away from us, the locals are still walking round in their fleeces though, just in case.
Another average day at the Café, typical really, we took on a load of extra staff to see us through the summer holidays and apart from a couple of days we’ve not really been stretched.
We are wondering though whether the word Busy in Busselton has quite the same meaning as Busy in the UK, the more we talk to people the more they are telling us that we are busier than last summer, we were anticipating New Years Eve in a Pub type busy and now are becoming convinced that Busselton has never done that sort of busy.
The kids spent the day playing imaginary games, that is to say games that they invented using their imaginations rather than games that didn’t exist, after all you couldn’t play a game that didn’t exist. Carolyn spent the day doing the end of quarter books for the Café.
After work, Ian, Fraser and Marisa cycled to Port Geographe and back just to get a bit of exercise, it was great on the way there but on the way back they were cycling against strong headwinds so had to stop at the Jetty for an Ice Cream before starting the final leg home, it’s nearly 30km round trip so they needed the energy boost.

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