Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tomb of The Dragon Emperor

Sunday 8th February 2009
We had a dossy morning today, Carolyn had a lie in, Ian Blogged, Fraser did his homework, Kristian played and Marisa wanted to do anything that she couldn’t.
Round about lunch time, Ian went into work to do the assembling of Slushie and Ice Cream machines that he normally does first thing on a Monday morning, he decided to do it today because he wouldn’t get interrupted all the time. While he was out Carolyn and the kids had lunch.
In the afternoon we went to the Jetty foreshore for a coffee while the kids played in the water, after a while Ian joined the kids in the water and got them all to swim out to a diving platform that is moored about 50 metres off shore.
Fraser and Marisa swam it no problem, but on the way out to the platform, Kristian who was swimming with Ian, kept trying to talk with a snorkel in his mouth which kept making it leak, every time it leaked he had to stop, shake the water out, put it back in his mouth while treading water and start again.
Carolyn decided that she didn’t fancy taking part in the swim, preferring to sit on a groyne, not Ians groin I hasten to add, a sand bag groyne that has recently been built to protect the foreshore.
They got to the platform eventually and had a sit down, Fraser tried several times unsuccessfully to dive off the side, managing to do the worst bellyflops known to man each time.
After they swam back to shore, Ian stood around on the shore drying off while the kids played in the water, Carolyn was still sitting on the groyne.
In the evening we had a Barbie, Ian had bought a load of meat from the butcher yesterday so he cooked that up. Ian and Fraser had Texas Rib Eye Steak, Carolyn had a T Bone Steak, while Marisa and Kristian had Sausages, all served up with a nice fresh salad.
We never used to eat much meat in the UK, more often than not it would be tasteless or shrink to nothing when it was cooked, we used to eat mainly chicken or fish.
We don’t know what they do with their meat over here, but it is big and juicy every time, even the supermarket steaks are pretty good although we do tend to buy most of our meat from the local butcher DBC, they are by far the best for quality that we have found round here and Ian loves their Vegemite and Cheese Sausage Rolls, he reckons they’re to die for.
This evening we sat down as a family and watched The Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, it was quite good fun to watch and for an M rating, very tame compared to some of the films that we won’t let the kids watch but have a lower rating.

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