Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ian is Not the Proud Owner of a New Holden

Friday 6th February 2009
Fliss didn’t come in to work today, her lover rang in to tell Ian that she wasn’t feeling well. She had been out to a birthday party last night and when Ian said she shouldn’t have drunk so much, Luke the lover who will never make a good liar as long as he has a hole in his backside, replied, as if reading off an autocue “she only drank coke”. Ian made it known he wasn’t happy and left it at that, he will have words with her when she comes in on Tuesday.
Ian has a saying for times like these, “I might be Green but I’m not a Bloody Cabbage”, and it won’t be the first time it has been mentioned in the Café, these girls seem to think that Ian was an angel in his early years and wouldn’t realise what they’re up to.
It was a busy day in the Café today, the rest of the staff pulled together and with the help of Carolyn we managed to keep on top of it. We are going to have to look through the pile of CV’s that we have to see if there is someone suitable, we can’t always rely on Carolyn to be available to cover at short notice.
For the last couple of weeks, Ian has been collecting tokens in the West Australian Newspaper to try and win a car, he sends the vouchers off on a Saturday and expects a phone call from the organisers on Friday to inform him that he is now the Owner of a brand new Holden (GM) Car. This is the second Friday on the trot that he has failed to get a call and he is not happy, there aren’t that many people that live in Western Australia, even less that read the West Australian Newspaper and even fewer that will actually get round to collecting and sending the vouchers in. there must be a fairly good chance of winning based on those odds, so what he want to know, is why isn’t it him?
Marisa had a friend round after school, Carolyn brought the kids to the Café for dinner before taking them home. Marisas friend was a very happy polite child and a joy to meet, she went with Marisa and the boys to Freaky Friday and had a great time by all accounts. Needless to say, this new friend doesn’t live anywhere near us, in fact she lives about fifteen minutes out of town in the opposite direction but that is about par for the course with Marisa, she wouldn’t want to make our lives too easy.

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