Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Freaky Winner

Friday 30th January 2009
It’s been a funny week in the Café, the tourists seem to be disappearing, while the locals some of whom we haven’t seen for a couple of months, are starting to come back. A few people have said to us in the past that the locals don’t like the tourists being here because it makes the place busy and they can’t park in their favourite spot, it seems a bit extreme but they obviously went somewhere during the busy season.
During the school holidays, as an incentive to get kids to read, the local Library were giving kids rubber wrist bands for reading. Every ten books they read, they could claim a wrist band, Marisa managed to read over fifty books during the holiday and got five wrist bands, Fraser read twenty and got two bands, while Kristian wasn’t in reading mode this holiday and only read ten, receiving one wrist band.
The kids went to Freaky Friday tonight, they have a prize draw each week where they select a name from those attending and give them some junk food and a junk drink. Marisa seems to win this draw virtually every week, Kristian had never won it, it even got to the point where we told him to write his second name down because over here they don’t seem to do the name Kristian, but it is very similar to the girls names Kirsten, Kristen, Kristin etc and as they pick one girl and one boy the staff may be unsure as to whether it is a boys name. Today Kristians second name got pulled out and he won his junk food, he was so happy.

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