Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cleaning out Rabbit Hutches

Friday 23rd January 2009
It has been a hot day today, the Café has been busy and Carolyn had to come in to work to help us out. As usual at the moment, the work did slow up very early and we were able to finish at 3.30pm.
After work we went to Castle Rock beach for a swim, the water was a bit cold but it was really clear and there were loads of people there with their boats.
After swimming we went home for dinner, after that Carolyn had the pleasure of showing and explaining to Fraser how a Rabbit Hutch should really be cleaned out. Fraser will clear out the Rabbits if reminded but is not very god at reminding himself and doesn’t really do the deep, thorough cleaning thing, we think that he thinks that’s what the fairies are for.


Ganeida said...

You have fairies?! Quick! send some this way!

The HoJo's said...

I think I do it as a penence for not cleaning out my rabbit well as a small person, however my rabbit was someone elses reject that I felt sorry for and pestered my parents to let me have :o) he was horrid, wasn't cuddly at all and I cried for a week when he died because I felt guilty coz I hadn't liked him much. Weird am I !

Anonymous said...

He was a very old buck - probably worn out with all the procreating he had to do to provide rabbits for people's cooking pots so not surprising he was not very playful

The HoJo's said...

ah yes, I had forgotten that, slightly nicer than the headless chooks they left us though! traumatised as an 8 year old was I :o)