Sunday, February 8, 2009

An Afternoon on the Beach

Sunday 1st February 2009
Carolyn did her best this morning to locate all the kids pencil cases and their contents, needless to say, after six weeks holiday they were not all in the same place.
The supplier of school books and equipment that we ordered the kids stuff from neglected to tell Carolyn that half of it was out of stock, Carolyn only found out last night when she was trying to allocate all the kids gear for Monday when they go back to school.
We don’t suppose they’ll be the only ones who haven’t got everything on their first day and if they are, it’s tough. The school equipment suppliers should be more organised, after all we did give them 48 hours notice.
In the afternoon we loaded up the Kayak and Surfboard and headed for Castle Rock Beach, we were there all afternoon, not leaving until 5.30pm, the water was warm(ish), the sun was shining and there was a lovely cool breeze, it was glorious and a lovely way to finish the school holiday.
In the evening the kids watched a film called 2 Brothers which they thoroughly enjoyed, Ian watered the garden and after the kids went to bed, watched Lethal Weapon 2. Carolyn carried on getting the kids stuff together in between watching the film.


Ganeida said...

I do not miss the frantic back to school rush. My curriculum supplier may be having a small difficulty with his overseas supplier which means I am still awaiting curriculum but it really makes no difference to us. We can school using the t.v set [Ditz loves that :)], or the kitchen & pantry & we are always using things like pencils & glue so I actually know where they are. I hope your kiddy~winks like their new school.

The HoJo's said...

I thought of you and a few of my other friends when I posted this, sadly I think the kids would end up with lots of 'running a cafe hands on education' and 'swimming' and 'snorkling' lessons and not a lot else if left to me :o)
The children are fairly used to no tv now (just dvd's) when their friends visit the first thing they notice is how small our tv is, they then collapse in horror when I tell them we don't watch regular tv! how do we live they wonder??? we just got fed up of it going on and them getting in the habit of watching tosh so when the sound didn't pick up out here we didn't bother plugging in the ariel again, bliss :o) I do love the long dvd's like planet earth etc

and yes, they do like the new school, many happy faces last week, a big change, so far so good ;o)