Thursday, January 29, 2009

Back to Work 2009

Friday 2nd January 2009
Back to the real world again today, Ian had to be in work extra early this morning to put all the equipment back together and sanitise it before we could start using it.
The Café was fairly busy, but no major dramas and we managed to finish fairly early which is always a bonus.
There is a big concert on this weekend which has a lot of the biggest bands in Australia appearing, it’s called Southbound and brings about 20,000 people into the town for the weekend. Most of the people going to it are young and survive on cheap supermarket snacks, but it obviously did have a beneficial effect on our trade.
After work we walked down the end of the road to our local beach for a swim, when we got there, there was a Stingray snuffling around near the waters edge looking for food, we waited a couple of minutes for him to move on before going for a swim.
Marisa was in the Panto again tonight and is loving every minute of it, she is not nervous in the slightest, how she has changed in the last couple of years.

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