Sunday, July 13, 2008

Salami Panini

Saturday 12th July 2008
The Cafe was really quiet today which was probably just as well, we were short staffed as Fliss was off sick again. She didn’t look too healthy when she came in and said that she had not been feeling well all night so we sent her home.
Michelle was in top form today, her first job was to make up the Panini for the day. When she thought she had finished, she announced that all the Salami Panini were finished and in the display fridge, only to remove them five minutes later announcing that she had forgot to put the Salami in them.
Carolyn went to the Auction and was told to come back a couple of hours later because they were getting rid of all the old junk first, so she left there and went to some Garage sales instead. She couldn’t find anything to buy so she came back to the Café.
At the given hour Carolyn went back to the Auction and was amazed at what people were bidding for the Café Table/Chair sets, these were seconds and people were paying more for them at Auction than you would pay for them new so she came back empty handed again.
We had our usual stroll along the beach after work and a drink in Stilts, the kids were hoping to see Michelle and her new boyfriend there as he was supposed to be taking her there for a meal but they didn’t turn up. The kids will want to know why next time they see her.
We then went home and had an earlyish night for a change, it was very cold on the walk home, we might have to get out our hats and gloves if this goes on much longer.

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