Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ian's birthday

Sunday 15th June 2008
Today is Ian’s birthday and he is old enough not to worry too much about them, which is just as well because we had a lie in this morning and missed half the day. It was cold, the wind was blowing and it was pouring with rain. Normally we would go to the market but not today, so we slept through it.
In the afternoon when the rain had stopped, Carolyn suggested going out for a walk, the kids like to go for a bike ride into town so that they can get an ice cream, but Mum suggested a walk so walk it was.
We ended up walking into town (approx 5km each way), Carolyn, Ian and Kristian led the way, Fraser was a few steps behind while Marisa stayed about 100 metres behind claiming that she couldn’t keep up. All the way there she remained the same distance behind, when we pointed out to her that she was in fact keeping up by staying the same distance behind she dropped back an extra 10 metres.
We arrived in town and had the obligatory Gelato before heading straight back because it was getting dark and the rain clouds were getting closer.
The heavens opened when we were about 5 mins from home, we all got a bit wet to say the least, Marisa tripped in the dark and Fraser being the thoughtful chap he is gave her a piggy back to help her home.
This evening we went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner, it wasn’t bad, we managed to pick out a couple of tasty dishes that they obviously specialise in but we also picked out a couple of fairly bland ones as well. The girl who was waiting on our table was Rodelle, a girl that works for us at the Café. She is saving to go to university next year so packs in as many hours as she can wherever she can.

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