Monday, June 23, 2008

Fraser returns

Friday 13th June 2008
Carolyn slept most of the day again today but is looking better for it, when she was awake she did attempt to open all the envelopes that Ian didn’t open for the last two weeks just to make sure we weren’t about to be made bankrupt over an unpaid paper bill or something similar.
Fortunately there was nothing there in need of immediate attention, so she filed it under the pile of paperwork that was still left undone from before she went back to the UK.
Fraser came back from camp today, the coach arrived about an hour late but he didn’t mind. Carolyn went to meet him and ended up standing under the trees sheltering from the cold and wind.
When the coach did arrive, the first thing that came off it was a big Bin Liner full of Sick Bags, it would appear that the children in this group do not travel very well, the same thing happened on the way to camp as well. I bet those teachers don’t go on any more trips with that lot.
Fraser had a great time at camp and his teacher was quite impressed by how much he got out of the trip from an educational point of view, if Fraser is interested in something you can throw as much information as you like at him and he will just keep soaking it up.

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