Monday, June 23, 2008

Carolyns Mums Funeral

Monday 9th June 2008
It was Carolyns Mums funeral today, last night Carolyn obviously couldn’t get to sleep because she spent a fair amount of the night texting Ian. Fortunately Australia is 7 hours ahead so he was at work at the time and did not miss out on any of his beauty sleep, he needs every minute he can get.
Fraser went off on school camp this morning, he went to Kalgoorlie Boulder with the rest of the kids in his year. Ian had to get Fliss into work at 7am so that she could set up and open the Café while Ian took Fraser to school to pick up his coach at 8am. It was chucking it down, the wind was blowing a gale and needless to say it all ran a bit on the late side, 20 minutes late to be precise. For 25 minutes Ian, Marisa and Kristian along with a load of other parents and siblings, stood out in the rain while all the kids going on camp were sitting on the coach in the warm. There were umbrellas getting turned inside out and tots crying, but you must do the decent thing and wave them off or they would never forgive us.
It was a fairly quiet day at work which did nothing to help the sombre mood that Ian was in for most of the day, the mood however brightened after he had picked the kids up, they are so full of life and energy that it is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face.

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