Monday, June 23, 2008

Carolyn comes home

Wednesday 11th June 2008
We haven’t heard anything from school camp, so are assuming that Fraser is having a good time. Marisa and Kristian were very bright and perky this morning, we think they are looking forward to Mum coming home.
Ian managed to get the house tidy and everything washed and ironed with just enough time to grab a McDonalds before Carolyns coach arrived in Busselton.
The coach arrived on time, Carolyn looked absolutely exhausted but glad to see the rest of us. After hugs and kisses all round, the kids went to bed happy and Ian debriefed Carolyn.
When I say debrief I do mean tell her what’s going on and not debriefing her.

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Lost in Cov said...

I am glad you got back home safely, Carolyn. It was lovely to see you, just a shame it was in such sad circumstances. Next time we meet, I hope it'll be in Australia (but probably not this year!). The blog is brilliant - I feel like you are all living just down the road! I'm glad things are going well and you are so happy. I hope Ian liked his birthday card - I'm going to remember his birthday every year from now on!! Lots of love to you all, Heather xxxxx