Friday, May 16, 2008

Pictures at Last

This is what the house used to look like, in the picture on the right, the garage is easy to spot, to the left you have a fig tree growing through the roof, blocking the light to the lounge on this side, then another tree growing outside Marisa's room blocking the light to the window.You can just see the front door, then more tree blocking the light to our ensuite and wardrobe. The paper wasps lived in the post box until Crocodile Keith killed them, they also live on the roof, under the washing line and in the round bush to the left of the post box!

The wasps like Keith a lot.

The picture on the left shows the back patio outside the lounge and dining room.

This is what the lounge looked like, filthy carpet with indescribable stains and 25 year old cream blinds which were in fact mould coloured. We have ripped out the carpet and blinds, painted and tidied up.

Hee hee, we visited the prison! Currently used as an art gallery and artists in residence, but you can wander around the very small exercise yard and go in a couple of cells.
Yeah, we let them go eventually. Funnily enough when we went back with Fliss she wouldn't go in! Didn't trust us to let her out, funny girl.

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