Sunday, May 4, 2008


Friday 2nd May 2008
The new coffee seems to be going down quite well even when the customers have to pay for it and we are getting lots of complements on our food and the fact that the CafĂ© is now open longer hours, it doesn’t make us feel any less tired though.
Carolyn dropped off the hire car and picked up our car from the body shop this afternoon, bless em, they even washed the car for us, which probably won’t happen again.
We stopped off for Fish and Chips on the way home from work, because they cook to order it took a bit of time and the kids fought like crazy in the car while they were waiting which didn’t please Carolyn and Fliss. The fish was just as good as last time and was enjoyed by all although Fliss probably would have preferred more Chicken Salt on hers.
Chicken Salt, who would have thought that somebody would invent flavoured salt, and if you did why would you flavour it so that it tastes like Chicken. Vegetarians have Soya or Quorn that tastes like Chicken, the French have Frogs Legs which taste like Chicken, Carolyn thinks that there is a Cheese out there somewhere that tastes like Chicken although she can’t remember what it’s called, Crocodile Tail Fillet has the texture of Chicken although it tastes a bit fishy, but then I’ve eaten some Chicken in the past that smells and tastes a bit fishy, so was that Chicken or was it fish, does anybody really know what Chicken really taste like and is Chicken salt just an interpretation of what somebody thinks Chicken tastes like.
It’s not like there is a shortage of Chicken in the world, so if you want something that tastes like Chicken with your Chips, why not have Chicken.
However Australians love their Chicken Salt, pile it on thick and will no doubt be far more interesting to work on for the coroner when they die of Chicken Flavoured Blocked Arteries while the rest of us die from ordinary Salt Flavour.
Chicken Burgers, Nuggets and certain Varieties of Coated Fried Chicken DO NOT taste like Chicken, or at least that is the way my taste buds interpret them.
Soya and Quorn Bacon Rashers and Sausages DO NOT taste like Chicken, but then they don’t taste like Bacon or Sausages either.
We watched the 2nd Indiana Jones film in the evening and then had an early night.

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